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Digitalize Al-Quran & Sunnah

We developed application that help you to read, search over text and listen to al-Quran interactively and giving more impact.

World Translation

International translations by various scholars and mentioned in Read now for our tadabbur.

Imam Recitations

eFurqanPro helps muslims to interactively listen al-Quran recitations by numbers of Qari. Powered by

Extendable Funtionality

We actively develop al-Quran and hadith application using other platform such as desktop and mobile.

Windows Based

Last stage development. We currently develop Windows based application to work offline or just to have the application right on your desktop.

Dedicated for Executives

It is specially designed for busy executives to keep their time with work without leaving away al-Quran and ibadah.

eFurqanPro Premium

Extended Version of eFurqanPro

eFurqanPro offers a premium web-based application to manage your daily ibadah especially solat (fardhu and nawafil) and your executive and intellectual life. This application will help you to keep track of your solat performance and guide you to not missed the solat forever. The application help you to individualize eFurqanPro for your daily needs. We also provide more apps for our premium users.

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Beautiful Masterpiece.

eFurqanPro's concepts are simple and easy. Get closer with al-quran and ibadah, so your daily activities will be well planned.

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    Strong Formula

    Developed by Islamic & IT Professional covers what really need by Muslim professionals.

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    It is Cloud

    Centralized data for your internal info. Keep your intelectual at cloud and accessible wherever you are.

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    Sky Success

    We believe Islam could bring you the best of everything in this world. Your family, work and life.

eFurqanPro is what you need
We focus on to keep your busy day always with al-Quran and ibadah. We remind.


Yearly Planner

Hijri enabled yearly planner with ability to track your daily ibadah to keep your iman in shape. Join starts with free.


Al-Quran and Sunnah

We keep your work with your screen and tied up with al-quran and Ibadah. track it as your life goes along.


Premium Access

Premium membership available to support our operation costs and further development. More functionality and discounts.

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