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eFurqan Content Policy & General Terms

eFurqan (hosted at domain eFurqan) is a free service for communication, self-expression and freedom of speech. The main objective of eFurqan is that to make Internet writing regarding on Muslim can be shared, discussed, criticized, and is available to be cited in academic writing in university or publication levels. While the Islamic values compose everything in our daily life, eFurqan not restricted the contents must be Islamic only. However, we allow all contents to be published with eFurqan except otherwise noted in this article. It's mean other field of knowledge including not limited to, science, economy, trade, sociology or anything can be published in eFurqan.

As a service provider, we still to make a line to make sure the publication in eFurqan will not be harmful to any party or group of people. However, we at the same time, respect our members publication and we really hope the same understanding enjoy by us from our member.

Content Boundaries: Our content policies play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for you, the users. Please respect these guidelines. From time to time, we may change our content policies so please check back here. Also, please note that when applying the policies below, we may make exceptions based on artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific considerations or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

Adult Content: eFurqan policy over the adult content is very clear. We not allow any distribution on real human that contains private part of human. However, we do allow illustration of the such part in the condition for education and learning purposes. All illustrations must be accompany with an education context.

Child safety: We have a zero tolerance policy towards content that exploits children. We will terminate the accounts of any user we find publishing or distributing child pornography. We will also report that user to law enforcement. We do not allow content that encourages or promotes sexual attraction towards children. For example, do not create journal/articles with galleries of images of children where the collection of images or text accompanying the images is sexually suggestive.

Hate Speech: We want you to use eFurqan to express your opinions, even very controversial ones. But, don't cross the line by publishing hate speech. By this, we mean content that promotes hate or violence towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. For example, don't write a journal/article saying that members of Race X are criminals or advocating violence against followers of Religion Y.

Crude Content: Don't post content just to be shocking or graphic. For example, collections of close-up images of gunshot wounds or accident scenes without additional context or commentary would violate this policy.

Violence: Don't threaten other people on your journal/article. For example, don't post death threats against another person or group of people and don't post content encouraging your readers to take violent action against another person or group of people.

Copyright: It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. Also, please don't provide links to sites where your readers can obtain unauthorized downloads of other people's content. All articles posted to eFurqan is under the journal owner responsibility and eFurqan not take any responsibility over the articles. The articles is copyrighted by original owner and eFurqan not hold the copyright of the article. It is important to declare the source of the facts, media, resources should the said copyrighted materials included or reffered in your articles.

Archive: eFurqan may be designed to automatically archive your article during submission or editing. By subscribing to eFurqan services, you agree with this term and pre-agree your articles to be archive for future preserve, even after you close your account. If you want to remove the article, you need to write to us in official letter to our specified address.

IP Reporting: Without exposing your IP to public, eFurqan will record your IP address on each publication/article posting. Should it be need by law agencies, locally or internationally, you have pre-grant eFurqan to expose your IP address to such agencies.

Personal and confidential information: It's not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information. For example, don't post someone else's credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers. Also, please keep in mind that in most cases, information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies.

Impersonating others: Please don't mislead or confuse readers by pretending to be someone else or pretending to represent an organization when you don't. We're not saying you can't publish parody or satire - just avoid content that is likely to mislead readers about your true identity.

Illegal activities: Don't use eFurqan to engage in illegal activities or to promote dangerous and illegal activities. For example, don't author a journal/article encouraging people to drink and drive. Otherwise, we may delete your content. Also, in serious cases such as those involving the abuse of children, we may report you to the appropriate authorities.

Spam: Spam takes several forms in eFurqan, all of which can result in deletion of your account or journal/article. Some examples include creating journal/articles designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings, posting comments on other people's journal/articles just to promote your site or product, and scraping existing content from other sources for the primary purpose of generating revenue or other personal gains.

Malware and viruses: Do not create journal/articles that transmit viruses, cause pop-ups, attempt to install software without the reader's consent, or otherwise impact readers with malicious code. This is strictly forbidden on eFurqan.

Enforcement of eFurqan's Content Policy: If you encounter a journal/article that you believe violates our content policies, please report it to us using the 'Report Abuse' link located at the top of each journal/article.

Violations: Our team reviews these flags for policy violations. If the journal/article does not violate our policies, we will not take any action against the journal/article or journal/article owner. If we find that a journal/article does violate our content policies, we take one or more of the following actions based on the severity of the violation:

Put the journal/article behind a 'mature content' interstitial
Put the journal/article behind an interstitial where only the journal/article author can access the content
Delete the journal/article
Disable the author's access to his/her eFurqan account
Report the user to law enforcement


Acceptance: It is agreed that user has read this content policy and agreed to bond him/her self to these policies upon completion of registration as a member of eFurqan.

Last updated on Sept 9, 2018